martes, el 11 de junio

Tomorrow (Wednesday): All classes will take the writing portion of the final. I expect all responses to be complete (at least 10 sentences), organized and well-written. You shall demonstrate your knowledge of specific grammar and vocabulary (dependant upon the writing prompt).

Anyone still needing to do the oral final can do it before school or during the class period.

If time permits, we will also watch the last Fotonovela. :)

miercoles, el 5 de junio


  1. Prepare responses to Lec. 8 (oral final)
  2. Complete the irregular preterite worksheet (green)
  3. Memorize the irregular preterite stems + endings

Spanish Lab is tomorrow. This is a great place to work on your oral final and writing prompt!!!

martes, el 4 de junio


  1. Prepare answers to Leccion 7 (examen final oral)
  2. Bring 10+ index cards to class (a couple of extras would be nice)
  3. 6th period, finish conjugating the irregular preterites on the purple sheet.

Tomorrow morning would be an ideal time to make up any missing work/tests. Time is running out!!!

jueves, el 23 de mayo

Enjoy your long weekend. :)

Make sure you complete the 2 online activities that are due on Tuesday. There will be a short vocabulary and grammar quiz (preterite stem-changing verbs)on Wednesday.

martes, el 14 de mayo

Today we:

  • re-took the reflexive verbs quiz
  • went over possible answers to the speaking assessment
  • practiced verbs like gustar


  1. Practice/memorize your answers to the speaking assessment questions.
  2. Do the 2 online activities (assigned on vhl)

lunes, el 13 de mayo


  1. Prepare parts A and B for your speaking assessment
  2. Do 2 eCuaderno activities

Important Dates:

  • Wed. – Examen oral
  • Thurs. – Examen de escuchar y leer
  • Fri. – Examen de vocabulario, estructura y escribir

miercoles, el 8 de mayo

You have a quiz on reflexive verbs tomorrow.You need to know:

  • meanings >>> use quizlet and flashcards
  • conjugation (present tense + stem-changes)
  • reflexive or not?
  • use as an infinitive – example: Necesito levantarme. Tenemos que peinarnos.

It’s NOT going to be a killer! I just need to see how you are doing with this right now.

lunes, el 6 de mayo


  • Tomaron la prueba (Quizlet) : vocabulario
  • Leyeron y vieron la Fotonovela
  • Practicamos con las palabras sequenciales

Tarea: Terminar la hoja rosada (pink workbook page.)

jueves, el 2 de mayo

We are practicing the meaning and use of reflexive verbs. Don’t forget the reflexive pronoun (me, te, se, nos, os) when you conjugate it!

Today we reviewed the work you did yesterday with the sub (pink sheet). As homework you will input all of those answers online. They have all been assigned on VHL. There are 3 “contextos” activities and 4 “estructura” activities. Don’t forget to practice on quizlet, as well.

martes, el 30 de abril

Today we: Reviewed the new vocabulary and learned how to conjugate reflexive verbs (notes). We are going to have to move quickly this chapter, so it’s extremely important that you practice vocabulary every night and do your homework.

Speaking of homework! You have 3 online assignments due Thursday. Also, if you didn’t do your flashcards, turn them in tomorrow for late credit.

viernes, el 26 de abril

You have a chapter test on Monday. Refer to your study guide for specifics. To summarize, you will:

  1. Listen to 1 audio
  2. Read and answer C/F questions
  3. Fill in demonstrative adj. and pronouns in a dialogue
  4. Fill in missing indirect obj. pronouns in a sentence
  5. Complete a paragraph with missing preterite verbs
  6. Answer 8 personal questions (saber, conocer, indirect obj. pronoun and preterite)
  7. 5 translations (purple sheet)
  8. Paragraph with the preterite about your weekend

jueves, el 25 de abril

Chapter test is now on MONDAY, APRIL 29th!!!!!

Today we:

  • Reviewed indirect object pronouns (yesterday’s worksheet) – what they are, what they mean, where we place them.
  • Went over the preterite quiz. :( Some of you need to put in a little extra effort at home. Don’t forget the i>y spelling change for oir, leer and creer. Remember: It’s fun to conjugate OIR, LEER, CREER … 3RD PERSON!
  • Reviewed the preterite translations (back of the purple sheet). 5 of these will be on the test.


  1. Do the 4 “Practice” activities online.
  2. Do the reading for practice.


martes, el 23 de abril

Today we:

  • Reviewed the preterite conjugation quiz. Many of you did really well! If you didn’t, take time to correct it and study those conjugations.
  • Took a preterite key words quiz (super quick) and did activity #3 on page 208.
  • Then, we took notes on Indirect Object Pronouns (see: Indirect Object Pronouns notes & practice). We also did 2 of the 3 accompanying activities.

Tarea: Do the 4 assigned activities in the “Practice” tab to prepare you for tomorrow’s preterite quiz. You’ll need to be able to: fill out a verb chart (know your spell-changers!), decide between two verbs and then complete the sentence in the preterite, and complete a sentence by determining whether you are going to put the verb in the present tense, preterite tense, or the infinitive (based on key words like “hoy” = present tense / “ayer” = preterite tense).

lunes, el 22 de abril

I hope you are ready to work hard this week! You’ll have a “comprehensive” quiz on the Preterite Tense this Wednesday and a Chapter Test this Friday.

Today we:

  • Did Act. 1 and 2 on pg. 207
  • Reviewed the homework (back of purple page)
  • Listened to an audio activity comparing the present and preterite (don’t forget your present tense endings!)
  • Took the preterite conjugation quiz of 8 verbs
  • Went over preterite key words

Tonight: Memorize the 10 key words. Go to quizlet: You will have a quiz on them tomorrow. Continue to study your preterite conjugations.

viernes, el 19 de abril

Today we:

  • took a mini-quiz on preterite endings
  • reviewed tarea (cuaderno 1-2)
  • finished notes on the preterite (car,gar,zar verbs and i>y spell-changing verbs) and filled out the yellow spreadsheet


  1. Prepare for a preterite conjugation quiz on Monday.You will have to conjugate 8 verbs from the yellow spreadsheet: -er, -ar, -ir, -car, -gar, -zar, i>y spell-changer and one verb that stem-changes in the present tense but does NOT ste-change in the preterite.
  2. Complete side 2 of the purple worksheet (cuaderno)

jueves, el 18 de abril

Today we:

  • reviewed yesterday’s quiz
  • started the “Reguar Preterite”. We took a few notes and conjugated A LOT on the spreadsheet.

For tomorrow:

  1. Memorize the preterite endings for -ar/-er/-ir verbs
  2. Do Act. 1 and 2 on the purple sheet

martes, el 16 de abril

For tomorrow’s quiz you’ll need to:

  • read a sentence and decide if a form of saber or conocer goes in the blank. You need to know how to conjugate them!
  • know the meanings and conjugations of traducir, conducir, ofrecer and parecer.
  • read a sentence and provide the missing demonstrative adjective or pronoun. The English word will be there. For example:

Me gustan ________ (these) socks. <<answer: estos>>

No me gustan estas blusas. Prefiero ____________ (those over there). <<answer: aquellas>>

martes, el 2 de abril

Today we:

  • reviewed our demonstrative adjective homework (worksheet) with the tablas.
  • watched the fotonovela

Tarea: Finish both sides of the fotonovela worksheet. To watch/read it, go to pages 194-195 in your Vtext. You can either read it or click on the video camera icon found at the top of pg. 194. You can also go into the eCuaderno and scroll way down to the Fotonovela activities. There, you can watch it as if you were doing the activities on line.

lunes, el primero de abril

Today we:

  • reviewed ropa, colores, adjetivos, ir de compras (vocabulario)
  • took a vocabulary quiz
  • went back to working on demonstrative adjectives, and started to explain the pronouns. Began working on a practice sheet.

Tarea: Finish the demonstrative adjective/ pronoun worksheet. You may need to look at your notes or Pedro’s tutorials.

viernes, el 29 de marzo

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the weather!! Remember that you have a vocabulary quiz on Monday. Visit quizlet and use your flashcards. You can also do activities in the “Practice” and “eCuaderno” tabs.

If you were absent today, no work was collected. You just missed some fun stuff :)

martes, el 26 de marzo

Tonight is Multi-cultural Night from 6:30-8:00. Come check it out! Eat free samples, learn something new, and earn some extra credit!!!

Today was a vocabulary day. We started with a Flashcard Quiz. Then weused the flashcards to review the vocabulary meanings and practice pronunciation. We did p. 191 Activities 1 and 2.

Tarea para el jueves:

lunes, el 25 de marzo

Today, students:

  • turned in their para empezars
  • reviewed and turned in the cultural reading activities
  • learned Lec. 6 vocabulary (see list: fill in vocabulario)

Tarea: Make flashcards on index cards (cut in half) for all of the ropa, colores and adjetivos. Spanish on one side, English on the other.

martes, el 19 de marzo

Today we:

  • reviewed 2 graded quizzes on vocabulary, ser vs. estar and the present progressive. This is important because all of this will be on Thursday’s test.
  • reviewed direct object pronouns and took a small quiz (SURPRISE!)
  • 10-15 minutes to do tareas orales (due tomorrow)

Tarea: Complete this attached sheet – direct object pronoun homework


lunes, el 18 de marzo

I hope today was helpful. Please come see me if you have more questions about taking Spanish 2 or 2 Honors.

This week:

  • (due Tuesday) Prueba de practica (assigned online)
  • (due Wednesday) Tareas orales
  • (on Thursday) Leccion 5 TEST (listening, reading, writing, grammar)

jueves, el 14 de marzo

After our HSPE schedule, we need to get back on track! Tonight, prepare your answers for the Tareas orales. You will greatly benefit from having already given thought to these answers. Then you’ll have classtime to actually do them. Don’t wait until the last day (Tuesday, March 19th).

Plan on having a chapter test next Thursday, March 20th.

viernes, el 8 de marzo


  • p. 173 #4 as the para empezar
  • p. 172 #3 as a partnered activity practicing ser/estar and present progressive
  • reviewed the 4 cuaderno assignments


  1. Input your 4 cuaderno assignments into VHL
  2. Prepare for a quiz on the present progressive (estar + -ando/-iendo) ** study the irregulars and spell-changers** . The other half of the quiz will be the uses of ser/estar. Know your conjugations of the verbs, their uses and remember to make your adjectives agree. If you did well on the workbook pages, you’ll be fine. If you need more practice, go to the “Practice” section of our online resource.

miercoles, el 6 de marzo

To practice the present progressive we:

  • did Act. 2, pg. 169
  • listened to an audio activity where we wrote down the sentence we heard (in the present tense) and changed it to the present progressive.

Ser vs. estar:

  • I handed out the summary sheet (blue) with all of the uses of ser and estar. It also talks about how some adjectives and change meaning when used with the 2 verbs.
  • If something is confusing, read p. 170-171 (Vtext) orview the PowerPoint: ser vs estar

Tarea: Using your VText, read over pages 170-171, and then on pg. 172 do Activities 1, 2 and 3. Although Activity 3 says its a partnered activity, answer the questions in written form.

lunes, el 4 de marzo

Hace buen tiempo hoy. Hace mucho sol . . . tiempo perfecto para tomar una prueba :)

Today we:

  • Reviewed for the estar + emotions/conditions quiz
  • Took the quiz
  • Took notes on the Present Progressive

Homework on has been assigned and due WEDNESDAY.

viernes, el primero de marzo

Today we went to the computer lab. I assigned 3 assignments in eCuaderno and 3 in Practice. If you did not finish them, they are homework. I also added the emotions and conditions to quizlet. Here is the link

Monday’s quiz will cover:

  • meanings of all of the adjectives that describe emotions and conditions
  • the conjugation of estar
  • using estar + adjectives to describe emotions and conditions (remember to make adjectives agree in number and gender).

martes, el 26 de febrero

Today we:

  • took notes/practiced ESTAR + EMOTIONS AND CONDITIONS
  • watched the fotonovela

Tarea (para miercoles): Flashcards for all of the emotions and conditions (see notes for list)

Tarea (para jueves): eCuaderno

***If you still want to go over your stem-changing verb test and earn back half the points, meet with me tomorrow. Allow at least 20 minutes.***

lunes, el 25 de febrero

Tarea: Write out 10 sequential steps for taking a trip to _____________.

Example (yours is to be written in Spanish, of course): First, I call the travel agent. Second, I buy a ticket. Third, I find my suitcase. Fourth, I pack my suitcase. Fifth, I go to the airport. Sixth, I wait for the airplane. Seventh, I fly to ____________. Eighth, I go to the hotel in a taxi. Ninth, I get my key from the hotel employee. Tenth, I sleep in my room on the 6th floor.


I do not believe in assigning homework over break. This is our time to rest, enjoy life and re-energize for the next long haul. Have a great 10 days . . . and don’t expect me to have all of your tests and quizzes graded!!


vocabulary quiz tomorrow

Today we:

  • practiced a bit more with weather, seasons and forming dates (el ___ de ______)
  • made our Top Ten Lists of why we love someone

Tomorrow’s quiz will include:

  • vacation & hotel vocabulary
  • weather, seasons, months, dates
  • ordinal numbers (primero, segundo, tercero, cuarto . . .)
  • Your online assignment (eCuaderno) will prepare you for most of it.

miercoles, el 13 de febrero

Today we:

  • practiced describing the weather
  • used ordinal numbers to talk about months and seasons

For tomorrow:

  1. Bring a small photo of your celebrity “crush” (or actual crush).
  2. Complete the 3 online vocabulary activities.
  3. Keep practicing on quizlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lunes, el 11 de febrero

Today we:

  • Practiced with vacation vocabulary (white boards, p. 153)
  • Learned seasons, months and weather

Tarea for the week:

  1. (due Tuesday) eCuaderno – 2 activities
  2. (due Thursday) eCuaderno – 3 activities
  3. (due Friday) Assessment “Repaso” – 1 activity
  4. Friday – Vocabulary Quiz
  5. Practice both lists on quizlet

miercoles, el 6 de febrero

Today we:

  • took the 2nd part of the verb test on o:ue, e:ie and u:ue stem-changing verbs
  • finalized the dialogues
  • watch the “Flash Cultura” video about El futbol en Espana.

Tonight: Memorize your dialogue. You will present tomorrow!

martes, el 5 de febrero


  • Turned in the cuaderno worksheet for e:i and irregular “yo” verbs
  • Took the verb “test”
  • Tried to finish writing the dialogues.

Manana: We will take Part 2 of the verb test on e:ie, u:ueand o:ue stem-changing verbs (oops, I forgot them on the test!). There will be 10 questions. We will also make sure you have your dialogues written and revised, so that you memorize good Spanish. Come to class with a completed draft.

Jueves: You and your partner will present your dialogues to the class. Then, we’ll start Leccion 5. I’m excited to move on to new vocabulary and grammar. It’s all about travel!! Perfecting timing for mid-winter break. :)


lunes, el 4 de febrero

Today we:

  • Reviewed the homework (yellow sheet)
  • Kept working with stem-changing and irregular “yo” verbs
  • Started writing a paired dialogue. Here is the script Dialogo. You will finish writing them tomorrow after the verb test.


Verb test tomorrow!! Study the meanings and conjugations of all of the verbs on your list. Here are some example:

  • Ella ____________ (oir) la musica. >>> conjugation
  • Ella _____________ (oir, salir, ver) la musica. >>> conjugation and meaning
  • ella / oir / musica ____________________
  • writing the correct form of a verb in a paragraph with a word bank
  • putting a series of events in sequential order (vocabulary)
  • Answering personal questions like: Donde consigues los libros?


jueves, el 31 de enero

Today we:

  • watched the Fotonovela again and reviewed the worksheet (turned in)
  • reviewed the workbook activities dealing with e:i stem-changing verbs. It is obvious that many of you are not studying the verb meanings. Mere conjugation will only take you so far! You must study the verbs!!!
  • took notes on verbs with irregular yo forms: hago (hacer), pongo (poner), supongo (suponer), salgo (salir), traigo (traer), and veo (ver). Oir is in a league by itself (oigo, oyes, oye, oimos, ois, oyen) accents on nosotros and vosotros.


  1. Do the 5th activity on the workheet for e:i stem-changing verbs.
  2. Do the 1st and 2nd activity on the other side of the worksheet (irregular yo)
  3. Keep studying verb meanings on quizlet >>>> PRUEBA EL LUNES!

martes, el 15 de enero

For tomorrow:

  1. Practice all speaking questions.
  2. Finish the stem-changing cuaderno worksheet
  3. Start working on your written final (rough draft)???
  4. Come see me in the morning if you owe me missing assignments!!

Thursday: Oral Final

Friday: Finish Oral Final. Do written final

lunes, el 14 de enero

Today we:

  • Practiced Lecciones 1 and 2 for the oral final
  • Practiced o:ue and e:ie stem-changing verbs on the mini dry erase boards.


  1. Practice the new stem-changing verb meanings on quizlet. Here is the link
  2. Prepare answers for Lecciones 3 and 4 (speaking final)
  3. Make sure you have pg. 1 of the cuaderno done for tomorrow.

This week:

  • martes/miercoles: finish new material
  • miercoles: All missing tests/quizzes need to be made up this morning!
  • jueves: speaking final begins (continues on Friday)
  • viernes: writing final / speaking final ends


viernes, el 11 de enero

Today we:

  • reviewed what is on the writing and speaking final. Please prepare answers for Lecciones 1 and 2 for Monday.
  • took the vocabulary and ir (+ places / +a+inf.) quiz
  • sorted stem-changing verbs


  1. Sort the “verbos” on your yellow vocab sheet into the 4 categories of stem-chaning verbs (e:ie, e:i, o:ue, u:ue)
  2. Do sections 1 and 2 on the cuaderno sheet
  3. Prepare answers to speaking final


jueves, el 10 de enero

You have a quiz tomorrow on vocab (deportes, pasatiempos, lugares) and the use of ir + a + place and ir + a + infinitive. Do the 4 online activities to prepare for it!!! This is probably your last quiz of the semester :)

lunes, el 7 de enero

Today we:

  • practiced using the pasatiempos in conjugated forms (mini interviews)
  • reviewed vocabulary (audio activities)
  • practiced ir + places >>> Adonde vas?

Tarea: You have a quizlet matching quiz tomorrow. Access the list via Friday’s blog and practice for at least 20 minutes!! You will have another vocab. quiz this Friday (using the vocabulary in context + the verb ir and its 2 uses).

viernes, el 4 de enero

Today we:

  • Sorted our pasatiempos vocab. into me gusta/no me gusta, and then used it as a mini-conversation.
  • Sorted our deportes vocab. into practico/no practico, and then did another mini-conversation.
  • Did p. 117 Act. 2-3 “Practica”
  • Introduced the verb “ir”. Took notes on the irregular conjugation (voy, vas, va, vamos, vais, van) and how to use it with the preposition “a” to talk about going places. There are new places to learn, like: la iglesia, el restaurante, el cine, el museo, el cafe, etc.


  1. All classes must practice for at least 20 minutes on quizlet. Here is the link to the list
  2. 6th period needs to do their “tarea especial” :) 8 original sentences using tener expressions and 2 sentences using tener que + infinitive.

jueves, el 3 de enero

Today we:

  • Started Leccion 4 (los pasatiempos) – I handed out the vocabulary list. We practiced the pronunciation/meanings of los pasatiempos and los deportes. Then, students labeled the drawing of the park.


  1. Do the 2 eCuaderno assignments.


Tomorrow is our last class before the test on Friday. So, come prepared! Study all of the lists on quizlet. Study your flashcards. Make sure you know how to conjugate -er/-ir verbs, tener and venir WITHOUT LOOKING AT YOUR NOTES!

Be sure to logon to vhlcentral and complete the upcoming assignments for tomorrow.

You received all the information you need for your “Mi pariente favorito” presentation (due Monday, Dec. 17th). Start working now. It’ll give you a chance to ask me questions. Plus, it’ll prepare you for Friday’s test. What? You have a test on Friday? Yes, you have a test on Friday on:

  • vocabulary: family, professions, descriptive and possessive adjectives, nationalities, -er/-ir verbs and tener expressions
  • grammar: adjective use, conjugating -er/-ir verbs, tener and venir

If you’re wondering how to prepare, go into the “Practice” tab of vhlcentral and do any of the activities.

martes, el 11 de diciembre

Today we:

  • described famous people
  • practiced -er/-ir conjugations (cuaderno packet pg. 1)
  • practiced tener and venir + tener expressions


  1. Do pages 2 (-er/-ir verbs)& 3 (tener/venir)of the cuaderno packet
  2. Study the -er/-ir verb endings, the conugations of tener and venir, the meanings of tener expressions and -er/-ir verbs. The tener expressions are now on Quizlet at:

lunes, el 10 de diciembre

Today we:

  • reviewed -er/-ir verbs (meanings/endings)
  • listened to the 1st and 2nd audio activities (blue packet) for -er/-ir verbs
  • started “notes” on tener and venir (+ tener expressions)


  1. Do the first page of the -er/-ir verb cuaderno packet (activities 1-3)
  2. Complete the bottom portion of the tener/venir notes
  3. Study the -er/ir verb meanings!! They are on quizlet. Here’s the link:


jueves, el 6 de diciembre

Tomorrow’s quiz:

  • descriptive adjectives (meaning/opposites/how to use them) + a few nationalities
  • possessive adjectives (meaning of mi, tu, su, nuestro, vuestro + knowing how to make them agree in number and gender.

Make flashcards of the 17 er/ir verbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

martes, el 4 de diciembre

Today we:

  • Went over the Leccion 2 exam. If you earned a D or F, I would love to spend some time going over the exam with you. Please make an appointment to see me!
  • Reviewed adjectives with our flashcards. Slap with opposites wasn’t too facil. You might want to spend some time quizzing yourself this way.
  • Worked on the cuaderno page to practice the USE of adjectives. You need to finish the front/back of the first page of the packet for homework. There will be a quiz on Friday.


  1. Continue studying the adjectives/nationality vocabulary.
  2. Finish pg. 1/2 of the workbook “packet.”

lunes, el 3 de diciembre

Today we:

  • Practiced using descriptive adjectives (number and gender agreement)
  • Intentalo p. 90 was the para empezar
  • Reviewed flashcards
  • Did p 91 Act. 1 and 3
  • Took the 2nd family quiz

Tarea: Estudiar los adjetivos y nacionalidades por usar:

  • flaschards
  • quizlet
  • re-write p. 2 of the vocabulary list (adj. + nationalities)

viernes, el 30 de noviembre

Today we:

  • Reviewed the cuaderno worksheet. For homework, you will input them into the eCuaderno. It is already in your “Upcoming Assignments”.
  • Took a quizlet-style quiz on family vocabulary.
  • Read about how last names (apellidos) are formed (Cultura – pg. 86)
  • Used the adjective flashcards to review the new vocabulary and play SLAP.


  1. eCuaderno
  2. make adjective flashcards (for late credit if you didn’t have them today)
  3. Study for the 2nd family vocab. quiz. Example question: El esposo de mi madre es _____________. (answer = padre)

jueves, el 29 de noviembre

For tomorrow:

  1. Vocab quiz on family, people and professions (pg. 1). Study with flashcards and designing your own quiz on quizlet.
  2. Finish the cuaderno worksheet. This will help you study for the quiz.
  3. Make flashcards of all of the adjectives found on pg. 2 of your vocabulary. You do not need to make any for the nationalities.

lunes, el 26 de noviembre

Today, we starting practicing the new vocabulary. We re-wrote the espanol/ingles for page 1. Then, we worked on labeling the family tree with multiple descriptors. Then, we did a quick listening activity to see how much of the family tree you understood.

Tarea: Make/study flashcards for all of the vocabulary on page 1. Make sure you split hermano and hermana (and other words like that) into 2 separate cards. I have attached the list and shaded the words that need to be split. Remember, if you don’t make your cards/”game pieces” you can’t play the games.


miercoles, el 21 de noviembre


Enjoy your mini-vacation. I have always believed that this time is given to us for a reason: to take a break. We all need it!! So, take it easy. Enjoy your time with family and friends.

There is no homework to be done, but be ready to go on Monday. :)

Happy Thanksgiving,

Sra. Roth

viernes! el 16 de noviembre

4th period: 2 mistakes on my part today. First, I forgot to have you do your speaking assessment (3/14 questions on the purple sheet). Second, the test was too long. So, as a result, you will do/finish the reading/writing portion of the exam (page 3) and the speaking part all on Monday!

6th period: Because I discovered my mistakes with 4th period, you will experience the same thing. Reading, writing and speaking will all take place on Monday.

Have a great weekend :)

miercoles, el 14 de noviembre

Tomorrow, make sure you can answer the 14 questions on the purple sheet without reading from it.

The prueba de practica and the recapitulacion are both for PRACTICE!!! I have reset your scores on the prueba de practica so you could try some more tonight. It is very important to do this because it is very similar to Friday’s test. So, what can you do to study?

  • Vocabulary: use all of your flashcards, rewrite the vocabulary list, go to quizlet (all links to the lists were posted yesterday). Don’t forget about numbers 31+.
  • Listening: practice quiz, do other audio activities in the Practice and eCuaderno that have not been assigned
  • Reading: practice quiz and recapitulacion. Look through the entire Leccion 2 (Vtext)
  • grammar: (topics) -ar conjugation, gustar, forming questions, using interrogatives, estar, and ser. Do the practice quiz. Also, do other online assignments that we haven’t done. Read your notes. Watch Pedro’s tutorials. Actually, explore the tutorials tab. There are many helpful activities there.

martes, el 13 de noviembre

We are back from a 3-day weekend and are ready to go!!?? I sure hope so because we have a lot to accomplish. Today, we took a quiz on forming questions, using interrogatives and the verb estar.

You have a chapter test on Friday. So what can you do to prepare for it?

  1. Practice your vocabulary: Use all of your flashcards and/or practice on quizlet (especially the prepositions list).
  2. Start doing the “Recapitulacion” – found in your upcoming assignments.
  3. Practice and memorize the answers to the 14 questions found on the purple sheet. Write each question and answer on notecards. Randomly go over them multiple times. Say them out loud!

miercoles, el 7 de noviembre

Our first activity of the day was practicing the pronunciation of vowels in Spanish. Muy importante!!!!!

We danced and sang the conjugation of ESTAR :) Remember that we use it to say how we are feeling and where we are. Memorize the conjugation tonight! Prueba?????????

Also, study the interrogative words on quizlet or with flashcards. Here is the link to the list on quizlet:

martes, el 6 de noviembre

We continue to practice forming questions and using interrogatives. We STILL need to practice. Memorize the interrogatives (maybe there will be a mini quiz tomorrow on those 12 terms). And, do the 2 assigned audio activities in the eCuaderno.

(Notes) I introduced the verb ESTAR = to be!! Notes will continue tomorrow. Memorize the conjugation (sing the Mexican Hat Dance song :) ).

lunes, el 5 de noviembre

We practiced gustar in the para empezar. Then, we played the “dice game” to work on verb meaning and conjugation. There was a quiz on both concepts.

Finally, I handed out the workbook pages that practice questions and interrogative words (blue). Those 2 pages are due tomorrow!

viernes :) el 2 de noviembre

You have a quiz on Monday. You’ll need to:

  • conjugate -ar verbs (know: o, as, a, amos, ais, an)
  • know the meanings of the 30 verbs (translation in sentences)
  • use gustar (remember that it works differently than regular -ar verbs). See your notes.

Study your interrogative words on quizlet. Here’s the link to the list:

Remember what it means to study vocabulary????? It takes time. So do a 10 min. per day.


Even though el Dia de los muertos is celebrated on Nov. 1 and 2, today seemed like a good day to celebrate it. Thanks to Ruben, Collin, Kayla, Steven and Lauren (and their mothers) for making pan de muerto and pastel de tres leches. They were all amazing!!

I hope you learned a lot about el Dia de los muertos in the short time we had together today. Hopefully, doing the webquest helped as well.

Tomorrow, we’ll get back to learning some fun grammar :)

Happy Halloween! :)

martes, el 30 de octubre

I was shocked to discover that multiple students failed the matching vocabulary quiz. This is not acceptable! Any student who earned 16/25 or less is assigned to coming in for extra practice and a quiz retake. This extra practice will occur on Wed. morning at 9:00am or Thursday after noon at 2:30pm.This is a ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY! Parents will be emailed tonight.You must dedicate time and effort to learning this language. It does not “just happen”.

We practiced verb usage and gustar.

Tarea: Do the Dia de los muertos webquest. I will check it at the beginning of class for completion.

lunes, el 29 de octubre

I handed out the webquest for Dia de los muertos. It is due on Wednesday. If you are interested in makingPan de muerto (bread of the dead), talk to your parents tonight and see if it’s possible. It takes preparation and several hours of time.

Students took the -ar verb meaning quiz today. You must know all 30 verbs in order to continue with the chapter. You will see them everywhere!!

We started notes on gustar. It is tricky, so pay attention. We’ll do more with it tomorrow.


  • Do the webquest for Wed.
  • Do one online assignment in the eCuaderno.
  • Watch the Fotonovela and complete the worksheet. For viewing instructions, see Friday’s post.

lunes, el 26 de octubre

Today was the numbers quiz. Afterwards, we read the cultura information on pg. 48. We talked about how the school system in Latin America is a bit different from ours. The cierto/falso questions at the end were answered for the 8th para empezar.

We read La fotonovela in class. Students got into groups and did the 2nd activity. We’ll review that on Monday.


  1. Memorize the 30 -ar verbs. You will have a quiz on Monday over their meanings. Test yourself on quizlet.
  2. Watch the Fotonovela again (go into the Vtext, go to the Fotonovela page, click on the camera icon and watch it). Then, answer the questions on the worksheet that I handed out at the end of class.

jueves, el 25 de octubre

We did our last practice with numbers before taking the quiz tomorrow. Not only do you need to spell the numbers, but you also need to remember the rules (i.e. numbers can be feminine and plural). Study! Make yourself write out crazy long numbers.

Continue stuyding the meanings of the -ar verbs. It was quite obvious that many of you need to put more time in at home. They need to be memorized by Monday.

Tarea: There is one activity in the “practice” folder for numbers. There is another in the “eCuaderno” for conjugating verbs.