martes, el 11 de junio

Tomorrow (Wednesday): All classes will take the writing portion of the final. I expect all responses to be complete (at least 10 sentences), organized and well-written. You shall demonstrate your knowledge of specific grammar and vocabulary (dependant upon the writing prompt).

Anyone still needing to do the oral final can do it before school or during the class period.

If time permits, we will also watch the last Fotonovela. :)

miercoles, el 5 de junio


  • Completa la hoja de repaso para Lec. 6 (2 paginas)
  • Preparen respuestas para Lec. 7 (examen oral)

Es importante que Uds. repasen todas las lecciones cada noche. Tambien, necesitan preparar las respuestas escritas para el examen de escribir (el proximo miercoles).

Spanish Lab is tomorrow.

martes, el 4 de junio

Para manana:

  1. Preparen las respuestas orales para Leccion 6.
  2. Completen la practica de Lec. 5 (cuaderno hoja azul)

Tomorrow is an ideal day to make up any missing work. Time is running out!!

viernes, el 31 de mayo

Make sure you have your oral responses ready for Ch. 4 – La naturaleza. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to start reviewing your vocabulary on quizlet.

Have a great weekend. If you are going to Prom, I hope you have fun and stay safe!! :)

martes, el 14 de mayo

Today, students did their future presentation. We got through about 20-24 per class. That means the rest of you will go tomorrow!!

Tarea: Start preparing for your chapter test. The “Prueba de practica” has been assigned with a Thursday due date.

Thursday- Listening and Reading Test

Friday – Grammar and Writing Test

lunes, el 13 de mayo

Tarea para manana:

1. Preparense bien para el examen oral. Traigan los dibujos y frases memorizadas.

2. Completen Act. 4 (cuaderno/amarillo)

Fechas importantes:

  • martes/miercoles: Examen oral
  • jueves: Examen de escuchar y leer
  • viernes: Examen de vocabulario, estructura y escribir

jueves, el 9 de mayo

Hoy, hicimos un poco mas con el futuro perfecto. Tambien, tomamos apuntes sobre el “past subjunctive”. Continuaremos con esto manana.

No hay tarea (unless you don’t know your 3rd person preterite conjugations + all irregular stems, spell-changers, etc).

lunes, el 6 de mayo

Estudiantes: Tienen una prueba manana sobre el futuro. Preparense bien! Tendran que conjugar los verbos en el futuro (ejemplo: correr / yo = pondre) y decirme las 4 maneras (ways) de expresar el futuro + escribir una frase/ejemplo.


jueves, el 2 de mayo

Hoy repasamos la lectura (reading) y la hoja del cuaderno de ayer. Despues, ustedes jugaron “Buque de guerra”.


  1. Input the cuaderno activities 1-3 online.
  2. Write 3 questions to ask a fortune teller about your future. Use the future tense in the “yo” form. ejemplo: Tendre siete hijos?

martes, el 30 de abril


  • Hicimos actividades 5-6 en la pagina 228 para “calentarnos” antes de la prueba.
  • Tomamos la prueba del vocabulario.
  • Practicamos el uso del futuro.
  • I suggest that you memorize the endings and irregular stems in the future tense.


lunes, el 29 de abril

Hoy pasamos clase en el laboratorio de computadoras.

  • Repasamos y entregamos p. 228 Act. 7 (tarea)
  • Aprendimos “El futuro” (PowerPoint attached to VHL). Tomamos apuntes y hicimos “Intentalo”
  • Practicamos el vocabulario

Tarea: Hay una prueba de vocabulario manana. Para prepararse, terminen las 2 actividades en VHL y practiquen en quizlet.

viernes, el 26 de abril

Hoy, miramos la Fotonovela una vez mas. Despues, hicimos las 2 actividades (p. 232) para repasar. Tambien, practicamos el vocabulario en las tablas. Hicimos p. 227 #1 y 2.


  1. p. 228 Act. 7 – Escribe las respuestas en papel.
  2. practica en quizlet
  3. 2nd period – I deleted the online activities that I had originally assigned.


lunes, el 22 de abril

Estudien para el examen manana. Es necesario que sepan todo el vocabulario (especialmente los verbos para completar la parte de gramatica). Es importante que sepan las reglas (rules) para los usos de los “perfectos”. Tienen toda la informacion en su “guia”.


viernes, el 19 de abril


  • Practicamos el preterito perfecto del subjuntivo (pres. perfect subjunctive)
  • Usamos todos los “perfectos” al mismo tiempo
  • Escuchamos la cancion excelente :)

Tarea: Prueba de prectica (online “Assessment”) >>> Examen el martes.

martes, el 16 de abril

For tomorrow’s quiz, you need to know:

  1. how to form the present perfect and what it means (has/have done something)
  2. how to form the past perfect and what it means (had done something)

Don’t forget to complete the Panorama Cultural.

martes, el 2 de abril


  • practicamos un poquito mas con el preterito perfecto (present perfect).
  • repasamos la tarea y usamos las tablas para hacer actividades 1 y 2 en la pagina 206.
  • miramos la fotonovela (+ worksheet)


  • hacer las 5 actividades (online)
  • terminar la hoja de la fotonovela – To see/watch it, go to pages 198-199 in you Vtext. There, you can read the text or click on the video camera icon at the top of page 198. Or, you can also open the eCuaderno and scroll all the way down to the Fotonovela activities. There, you can also see the video.

lunes, el primero de abril


  • repasamos el vocabulario
  • tomamos la prueba (grades are already in Skyward!!!!)
  • empezaron una hoja de practica del presente perfecto

Tarea: Terminen la hoja de practica (de color rosado) para manana. Hay activities en vhlcentral (para miercoles)

viernes, el 29 de marzo

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the weather!! Remember that you have a vocabulary quiz on Monday. Visit quizlet and use your flashcards. You can also do activities in the “Practice” and “eCuaderno” tabs.

If you were absent today, no work was collected. You just missed some fun stuff :)

jueves, el 28 de marzo

Today we:

  • learned about the Present Perfect Indicative tense. We watched Pedro’s video and took notes. We finished by doing the last activity on the notes.
  • 2nd and 3rd periods did an audio activity


  1. (VHL) “Repaso” found in the “practice” tab
  2. Complete the present perfect worksheet

martes, el 26 de marzo

Multi-cultural Night is tonight from 6:30-8:00pm. Come check it out! Free samples and entertainment! Plus, you might just actually learn something!!! Extra credit is the cherry on top.

Today was a vocabulary day. We practiced with our new vocabulary flashcards. We also did activities 2 and 3 on page 195. The best part, of course, was warming up with our ab workout video :)

Tarea para jueves: online activities / practice your vocab (flashcards)

Prueba de vocabulario el viernes.

lunes, el 25 de marzo


  • empezamos Lec. 6 = vocabulario del BIENESTAR
  • vimos el video en Youtube
  • dibujamos en las tablas (dibujos y traducciones)
  • hicimos practica en el libro

Tarea: Hacer flashcards para toda la lista de vocabulario. Espanol/Ingles. Cut the index cards in half. Don’t make huge ones!

martes, el 19 de marzo

Hoy, presentaron los dialogos. Los estudiantes que no estuvieron en clase necesitan estar listos para presentar el miercoles.

(para manana) 3 actividades en el eCuaderno

(para jueves) Prueba de practica (se encuentra en “Assessments”)

Examen el jueves. Aqui esta la informacion:repaso

lunes, el 18 de marzo

Hopefully today was informative and helpful. When it comes to selecting a Spanish class for next year, please let me know if you have additional questions.

This week:

  • (due Tuesday) Presentation of memorized dialogues. Make sure you have a final draft of your script and your map.
  • (due Wed.) 3 online assignments practicing past participles
  • (due Thurs.) Prueba de practica assigned online
  • (in class on Thurs) EXAMEN de Leccion 5

jueves, el 14 de marzo


  • Work on writing your dialogue (if possible). Draft is due tomorrow (in class) so that I can read through it.
  • You can anticipate a short quiz on how to form past participles (tomorrow) in 2 ways: 1) nadar > nadado – forming a past participle from an infinitive 2) seated = sentado – translating an English past participle to Spanish

viernes, el 8 de marzo


  • Tomamos una prueba de practica del subjuntivo
  • Hicimos actividad 3 en la pagina 174 y actividad 1 en la pagina 175
  • Repasamos los apuntes sobre los participios pasados (como formar)


  • Preparen para la prueba sobre el subjuntivo (adjective clauses)
  • (hoja) escriban los 48 participios pasados

martes, el 5 de marzo

Today we:

  • took the verbo del dia quiz
  • practiced nosotros commands
  • started notes on subjunctive with adjective clauses (I will attach the PowerPoint)


Finish the 3 activities on the white sheet that you picked up when you came into class. Click here to download adj clause practice


lunes, el 4 de marzo


  • repasamos vocabulario (p. 164 Act. 5) y los mandatos (p. 176, Intentalo)
  • tomamos la prueba sobre el vocbulario y los mandatos de nosotros


  1. Tienen una prueba de los verbos del dia
  2. Empezamos a aprender OTRO uso del subjuntivo :)

viernes, el primero de marzo

We spent most of today working on nosotros commands (mini white boards). We reviewed our notes and added information about the placement of reflexive, direct and indirect object pronouns. Plus, we learned how to use DOUBLE OBJECT PRONOUNS. It was awesome! :) If any of this confuses you, look over the PowerPoint Nosotros commands, or watch Pedro’s tutorial online (Estructura 5.2).

Monday’s quiz:

  • all vocabulary terms used in context (errands > places you do them, synonyms and antonyms)
  • forming affirmative and negative nosotros commands from a simple infinitive (i.e. comer, firmar, etc), reflexive verbs, commands with object pronouns (i.e. darle, mandarla, etc)

martes, el 26 de febrero

Upcoming assignments and quizzes:

miercoles (el 27): laboratorio de computadoras

jueves (el 28): tarea en el eCuaderno (vocab. y fotonovela)y prueba del vocabulario (quizlet matching)

viernes (el primero de marzo): tarea en el eCuaderno (vocab. y estructura)

lunes (el 4): tarea en el eCuaderno (vocab. y estructura) y prueba del vocabulario y estructura (nosotros commands)


I do not believe in assigning homework over break. This is our time to rest, enjoy life and re-energize for the next long haul. Have a great 10 days . . . and don’t expect me to have all of your tests and quizzes graded!!


Examen manana

subjunctive categories This is the handout I used today in class. It summarizes all of the verb (phrases) that trigger the subjunctive.

Make sure you listen to the NPR stories (previous post) and think about your reactions using the subjunctive. You will not be able to ask me how to say things during the test!!

The test will have:

  • 2 listening activities (vocabulary)
  • 1 reading with 7 T/F questions (vocabulary)
  • 10 fill-in-the-blank vocabulary sentences (like the pink sheet from today)
  • 6 sentences responding to the NPR story (subjunctive/grammar)

miercoles, el 13 de febrero

Today we:

  • learned about using conjunctions/adverbial phrases with the subjunctive. . . fun times!! :)


  1. Completed the activitiy on the back of the blue notes. Also, translate.
  2. Cuaderno (white) 4.3, Act. 1 – Don’t just conjugate. Do you understand the sentence? Why is it a subjunctive phrase?
  3. If you’d like to prepare for Friday’s test, listen to the 2 stories on NPR (see today’s earlier post on my blog). Think of what you can say/write. Practice on quizlet. Do some of the remaining audio activities that were never assigned.

lunes, el 11 de febrero


  • Repasamos la tarea (cuaderno azul y amarillo)
  • Terminamos y presentamos los carteles

Para manana: Prueba on the use of subjunctive with verbs of emotion, doubt, disbelief and denial.

  • Know the verb meanings (quizlet)
  • Know subjunctive conjugations
  • When to use the subjunctive/indicative



viernes, el 8 de febrero

Poster Project (due Monday)- For clarification, your group will have about 15 minutes in classto finish putting your poster together. All groups had ample time to write their 3 statements of fact and 4 reactions/solutions. This means that you should enter the room on Monday with final sentences ready to be written on the poster!! Then, your group will present the poster. All group members will present an equal amount of the information with their best fluency and pronunciation – MEMORIZED.

Audio Activities – If you forgot to do your audio activities, please finish them over the weekend for late credit. It is important that you do these because we’ll have a quiz on Tuesday.

Cuaderno activities- Complete Act. 4 and 5 on the blue and yellow worksheets. We’ll review the answers on Monday.

QUIZLET- Practice the most recent list on quizlet (Verbs used with the subjunctive). The quiz on Tuesday asks questions of vocabulary and grammar.

jueves, el 7 de febrero

For tomorrow’s project:

Make sure someone in your group is printing out a photo (about 4×6).

Have your 3 factual statements ready.Can you think of any solutions?

Do the 4 audio activities. Use the online assignments for the audio track but record your answers on your green worksheet. You can always input your answers online to see if you are correct.

miercoles, el 6 de febrero

miercoles: We reviewed Paso 2 translationsand cuaderno activities 1-3 (using the subjunctive with emotion).Then, we took notes on using the subjunctive with doubt, disbelief and denial (see powerpoint attachments from yesterday’s blog). We reviewed answers to Paso 3.Tarea: cuaderno activities 1-3 (yellow paper). Practice on quizlet

jueves: Vamos al laboratorio de computadoras (proyecto y practica).

viernes: Cartel del medio ambiente (proyecto). Tarea (para lunes): cuaderno activities 4-5 on blue and yellow papers.

martes (el 12 de febrero): Prueba del subjuntivo – will & influence, emotion, doubt/denial/disbelief

lunes, el 4 de febrero


  • Hicimos 2 actividades de escuchar (Contextos 3 y 4)
  • Repasamos la tarea (hojita verde): preguntas personales
  • Tomamos la prueba


  1. La hoja del subjuntivo: traduce “Paso 1″ y haz “Paso 2″ (no traducciones)

jueves, el 31 de enero


  • Terminamos la fotonovela >> entregaron la hoja
  • Practicamos el vocabulario (la naturaleza) p. 129 Act. 3
  • Repasamos el vocabulario (el medio ambiente) y empezamos p. 130 Act. 6


  1. hacer las 3 actividades en el eCuaderno
  2. terminar p. 130 Act. 6
  3. hacer “Paso 1″ en la hoja del subjuntivo
  4. quizlet :)

A new beginning!

Periods 2 and 3. I was wrong about having to join my course for this semester. You don’t need to do anything. You should be able to continue online as you have done in the past. The 3 eCuaderno activities are due on Thursday. Also, there is no guest speaker tomorrow! So please come to class. Do not go to the theater.

All classes must start practicing Lec. 4 vocabulary on quizlet. Here is the link:

Preparing for the Final Exam

What can you do this weekend to prepare for the final?

  1. Quizlet: Search “Roth, Descubre 2″ or search “Descubre 2″ to find lists made by other teachers.
  2. click on the “Practice” and “Assessment” tabs to review every chapter/leccion. Make sure you go back and practice forming the preterite and imperfect (and their uses).

lunes, el 14 de enero

Today we:

  • Practiced Leccion 1 for the speaking portion of the final
  • Used the subjunctive with impersonal expressions (p. 111 Act. 2-3)
  • Took notes on the Subjunctive with verbs of will and influence (Estructura 3.4)

Tarea: Your only responsibility tonight is to prepare answers to Leccion 2 (speaking final)

This week:

  • martes/miercoles: practice speaking final
  • miercoles: All missing tests/quizzes need to be made up this morning!
  • jueves: Speaking final begins (continues Friday)
  • viernes: Writing final

viernes, el 11 de enero

Today we:

  • received the explanation of the writing and speaking final.
  • practiced the subjunctive (impersonal expressions)
  • started the cuaderno activities


  1. Finish all 5 cuaderno activities and input them online
  2. Prepare answers to Leccion 1 (speaking final)

jueves, el 10 de enero

Start practicing the subjunctive by doing the 2 online “Practice” activities. You might need to look back into your packet for a better understanding of using the subjunctive in a sentence. Give it your best shot, and we’ll do more tomorrow.

martes, el 8 de enero

Tomorrow: Quiz on vocabulary and formal commands.

Make sure you have the Fotonovela and Cuaderno sheet (from today) completed for tomorrow. Also, to prepare for the quiz, do the 2 online “Practice” activities that I have assigned. They are helpful.

lunes, el 7 de enero

Today we:

  • Reviewed vocabulario en contexto (audio)
  • Practiced formal commands (yellow workbook sheet & p. 106)

Tarea: Continue practicing vocabulary. You will have a quiz on vocabulary used in context and formal commands on WEDNESDAY. For additional online practice, use the “Practice” tab at Formal commands are found under Estructura 3.2.

viernes, el 4 de enero

Today we:

  • labeled the placesettings on the drawing of the comedor
  • took the written quizlet quiz
  • did p. 91 Act. 3 and p. 92 Act. 5
  • reviewed how to tell people to do chores using informal tu commands
  • reviewed p. 1 of the formal commands notes

Tarea: No hay :)


jueves, el 3 de enero

Today we:

  • labeled items/actions in the house
  • listened to/completed act. 1 & 2 p. 91 “practica”
  • watched the tutorial 3.2 on “Formal Commands” and started working on the notes in groups.


  1. Finish the 4 eCuaderno activities
  2. Prepare for the written vocab. quiz (re-copy your list, practice on quizlet)
  3. Finish p. 1 of the “Formal Commands” notes. If you don’t know how, watch the Tutorial (Estructura 3.2) or go to pg. 104 in your Vtext.

martes, el 11 de diciembre

You need to be prepared to present your dialogue tomorrow. You will hand in a “clean” copy of your script (including all corrections/changes). Remember that you may have a notecard with your lines written in Spanish, but you CANNOT READ directly from the card. You may glance at it at times. The more you look at the card, the more your grade goes down. If you read directly from the card, you will fail. Also remember to practice OUTLOUD, not in your head. Pronunciation and fluency are a part of your grade. Learn your lines as if you had no notecard for tomorrow!

lunes, el 10 de diciembre

Your Leccion 2 exam is tomorrow. There will be a listening section followed by reading, grammar and vocabulary. I recommend that you visit the “Assessments” tab at Vista and take the “Prueba de practica” and the “Recapitulacion”. Both of these practice the skills and content you need to demonstrate. The practice sheet I handed out today also contains practice that is almost identical to the exam. The topics are:

  • Vocabulary: la tecnologia y los coches
  • Grammar: affirmative/negative tu commands, por/para, reciprocal reflexives, stressed possessive adjectives and pronouns.

I also need to see your written dialogue tomorrow.

VIERNES, el 7 de diciembre

Only 7 classes left before break . . . but we still have lots to accomplish!

Over the weekend, try to get ahead of the game. Work on your dialogue. Start preparing for Tuesday’s Leccion 2 test. You each need to include the following in your dialogue:

  • 2 affirmative and 2 negative commands
  • 1 por and 1 para
  • 1 reciprocal reflexive
  • 1 possessive adj + 1 possessive pronoun

You are welcome to do any of the activities found in the “Practice” area of Vista. You could try to take the practice assessment (found in “Assessments”). Just don’t wait until Monday night to do everything.

Have a great weekend. Try to do something festive :)

jueves, el 6 de diciembre

Prueba manana:

  • reciprocal reflexives: 1. meaning of verbs: abrazarse, besarse, etc 2. How to form them and what they mean when they are conjugated.
  • stressed possessive adjectives and pronouns: 1. Meanings (tuyo = my/(of) mine, etc.) 2. Using them correctly with number and gender agreement 3. Can you fill out the 4 columns like we practiced to day (mi televisor >> el televisor tuyo >> el tuyo

Input all eCuaderno tonight.

miercoles, el 5 de diciembre

Today we:

  • Did audio activities 1 and 3 for reciprocal reflexives. Remember that you can always do these activities (or any others) online for extra practice!
  • Reviewed the cuaderno activities for recip. reflex.
  • Reviewed cuaderno Act. 1 (stressed possessive adjectives) and started Act. 2


(para jueves, el 6) enter all reciprocal reflexive activities in the eCuaderno.

(para viernes, el 7) enter all possessive adj./pronoun activities in eCuaderno. Quiz on those 2 topics. We will start writing paired dialogues that day.

(lunes, el 10) Computer Lab (practice exam) and finish writing dialogues >> hand in for me to review

(martes, el 11) Examen: Leccion 2

(miercoles, el 12) Presentar los dialogos enfrente de la clase


martes, el 4 de diciembre

Today we:

  • Handed in the Fotonovela worksheet.
  • Practiced/reviewed reciprocal reflexives. We did #1-4 of part 2 and #1-3 of part 3 in class. Finish those 2 sections for homework.
  • Reviewed possessive adjectives (mi, tu, su, nuestro, vuestro, su). This will now be call “Unstressed Possessive Adjectives” (aka short form)
  • Learned about “Stressed Possessive Adjectives” (aka long form). Students received structured notes (pink sheet).


  1. Finish reciprocal reflexives cuaderno page. All online activities need to be input/done by Thursday.
  2. Do Act. 1 (cuaderno – possessive adjectives). You will use forms of: mio, tuyo, suyo, nuestro, vuestro.

lunes, el 3 de diciembre

Today we:

  • Reviewed por and para before taking the quiz (para empezar, eCuaderno #5, Julieta Venegas – Eres para mi)
  • Took the quiz
  • Started learning reciprocal reflexives (shared actions between 2 or more people or things) >>> Watched Pedro’s tutorial.


  1. Do only the first cuaderno activity for reciprocal reflexives. Translate each sentence.

viernes, el 30 de noviembre

Today we:

  • Practiced por/para by doing p. 70 (act. 1-2) and audio act. 3
  • Watched the Fotonovela and completed pg. 1 of the worksheet
  • Listened to Julieta Venegas – Eres para mi


  1. Complete p. 2 of the Fotonovela worksheet
  2. 5 ecuaderno assignments
  3. Study for the por/para quiz
  4. Find time to rest and enjoy the weekend :)


jueves, el 29 de noviembre

I handed back the leccion 2 exams. If you would like to meet with me and go over the entire test, please make an appointment with me.

We are working on por and para. Fun stuff! Today we: reviewed the cuaderno page andlistened to the first audio activity. Tomorrow, we’ll continue practicing with more activities and a song. You will be quizzed on Monday.

We also started watching the Fotonovela (worksheet + script found on pgs. 58-59). Watch the episode again tonight and do activities 2 and 3 on the worksheet. To find the video, open your vtext to page 58 and click on the video camera icon at the top. If that doesn’t work, you can also go into the “Practice” tab and scroll down to “Fotonovela”. There, you can either watch certain clips or the entire episode.


Fotonovela Act. 2 and 3

Do all 5 ecuaderno activities. Although they aren’t due until Monday, try the last 2 activities to make sure you don’t have problems/questions.

martes, el 27 de noviembre

Make sure you complete all 4 eCuaderno activities for tomorrow. That’ll get you prepared for the quiz.

To prepare for the commands quiz, you can:

  • do activities in the “practice” tab
  • watch the tutorial (Pedro!)
  • look through the PowerPoint I attached in yesterday’s post
  • study the yellow spreadsheet. Ask yourself to put each verb into an affirmative and negative command.
  • study the purple notes

lunes, el 26 de noviembre

Today we got back into practicing commands (los mandatos). We filled out the yellow spread sheet with using direct/indirect/reflexive pronouns with commands. We review the cuaderno worksheet (Yellow). We finished with a very quick listening activity.

Click here for the notes:Los mandatos PowerPoint Explanation

Tarea: You have 2 nights to get the 4 assignments in the eCuaderno done. The first two were already completed in class, so all you have to do is input them in the eCuaderno. Check the 3rd and 4th activities tonight to make sure you don’t experience any frustrations or confusions. Ask me tomorrow if you have questions. There will be a quiz on commands on WEDNESDAY.

miercoles, el 21 de noviembre


Enjoy your mini-vacation. I have always believed that this time is given to us for a reason: to take a break. We all need it!! So, take it easy. Enjoy your time with family and friends.

There is no homework to be done, but be ready to go on Monday. :)

Happy Thanksgiving,

Sra. Roth

viernes! el 16 de noviembre

We did several practice activities with the new vocabulary and then took the quiz. That all took longer than I thought. Anyway, we’ll continue learning about AFFIRMATIVE TU COMMANDS on Monday (notes/practice).

No tarea este fin de semana! Descansen :)

miercoles, el 14 de noviembre

Today, we practiced the technology and computer vocab. Tonight, practice that vocab. and also add the car vocabulary to your practice/review. Again, choose your method of study. One recommendation is to try the Tutorial activities and flashcards.

There are 2 eCuaderno assignments to complete.

martes, el 13 de noviembre

Mucho vocabulario!!! Por eso, ustedes necesitan estudiar mucho EN CASA (15 minutos por lo menos). Pueden usar la manera que prefieren (flashcards, quizlet, lists, etc.).

It’s your choice how you want to study, but choosing not to study is not an option!!! It was apparent today that many of you “took the weekend off.” I wish you had the luxury to do that, but you don’t. There will be a vocab. quiz (over the entire list) on Friday.

Entonces, esta noche van a estudiar y preparar para manana :)

Buenas noches . . .

jueves, el 8 de noviembre

Finalmente terminarion leccion 1!! Manana empezamos leccion 2. Todos recibieron la lista del vocabulario (es bastante larga). Necesitan escribir todas las significancias (meanings) en ingles para manana. Pueden encontrar el vocabulario en la pagina 88 del vtext.

Estan listos?? :)

miercoles, el 7 de noviembre

Answers to the practice sheet: (I can’t type accents)

Impersonal se:

Se necesitan enfermeros. Se vende cafe. Se prohibe hablar por telefono. No se debe fumar.

Accidental se:

1. A Ana se le quedo la tarea en casa.

2. Se me cayeron los libros.

3. Se te olvido el telefono.

4. Se nos rompio el televisor.

5. Se les perdio el perro.

Examen manana:

Grammar – 1) conjugating preterite and imperfect 2) deciding between preterite and imperfect and then stating why 3) forming adverbs with -mente and using the other adverbs as vocabulary (asi, por lo menos, bastante, etc) 4) impersonal and accidental se.

Writing – You will also write a paragraph that is similar to the one who have already written 2 times.

martes, el 6 de noviembre

We worked in the computer lab today. The task was working on the Recapitulacion (found under the “Practice” tab/ Upcoming Assignments). This was practice, not for a grade. I also handed out a practice reading exam. If you’d like to check your answers they are : #1 C, #2 C, #3 D, #4 B, #5 A.


  • Tareas orales are due at the beginning of the period
  • Reading and Listening Exam
  • I highly recommend completing the Practice Assessment.

lunes, el 5 de noviembre

We are wrapping up this chapter this week. Today we finished using “se” with impersonal expressions and unplanned/accidental events. Tomorrow, we will be doing 2 audio activities practicing “se” and then a review exercise called “Recapitulacion”.

In the meantime, start taking the practice assessment. This has been “assigned” but will only be worth “credit/no credit”. You’ll want to experience this practice because some parts are very similar to the actual test.


  1. Tareas orales are due when you walk into class.
  2. Reading/Listening portion of the exam


  1. Grammar/Vocab/Writing portion of the exam

viernes :) el 2 de noviembre

Attention all 2nd period students! You do not have to do the homework I assigned. Let me do some more explaining on Monday. Plus, the fire alarm messed up everything in my other classes. As a result, I will push the chapter test back yet another day to Wed/Thurs. I know this makes you very sad.

Practice the adverb vocabulary on quizlet. Watch the “se” tutorial again, if you’d like.

Happy weekend. One extra hour of sleep on Sunday!

el primero de noviembre

Tarea para manana:

Do adverb audio activities 1 and 4. To hear the audio, go to ecuaderno and scroll all the way down (past Costa Rica!) to the Estructura 1.4 section. Click on the activity and listen.

Practice the adverb vocabulary on quizlet.

Keep doing your tareas orales. Don’t wait until the last minute, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope you enjoyed watching the Leyenda de Espantapajaros. I thought it was pretty cool. Tomorrow we’ll be back to “normal”. Make sure you have done the 2 eCuaderno audio activities for the preterite and imperfect. Also, study their different uses. You’ll need to know those for tomorrow’s quiz.

Finish the purple cuaderno sheet on adverbs. I have put those vocab words on quizlet. For a direct link, see yesterday’s post.

Also, watch the Estructura 1.3 tutorial, if you haven’t already.

Happy Halloween!!! :)